This page currently contains a loose collection of examples. Mostly to provide some hints about scenarios that are not that obvious.

The plan is, to bring more structure and coverage to this page later.

Website in an IFrame

You can show a complete website in a slot, using an iframe.

However, an HTTP server can send the X-Frame-Options header field, or the newer frame-ancestors directive in the Content-Security-Policy field, to tell the browser that a website is not supposed to be displayed in a frame. In that case the browser only displays a warning instead of the webpage. Unfortunately, a lot of large sites do send this header field for security or corporate brand reasons.

To ignore theses headers in your own web browser, you can try to install an extensions which allows to activate this behavior. This can be helpful, if you like to use your browser for presentation.

Warning: Be aware that installing one of these plugins can make you vulnerable for click-jacking attacks. Maybe only activate the plugin when you really need it or use a whitelist, if supported by the plugin.

A display request, showing a web search for “Boomack” would look like this:

    "src": "",
    "type": "text/html",
    "options": { "iframe": true }