The Boomack Server can be run with Docker as Linux container. The image is currently published as mastersign/boomack. The Docker image contains the server and all official plugins, but no client. It is designed for easy setup of Boomack as a public service or for the developer already developing in Docker.

Pulling the Docker image

To download the image prior to starting the server, you can run:

Shell / Command Line
docker pull mastersign/boomack

Starting the Server

To start the server for local use, run the following command:

Shell / Command Line
docker run --rm -it -p mastersign/boomack

This will start the container, and destroy it, when you stop the server. Additionally it binds the server to the port 3000 on the loopback network interface of the host.

To stop the server later, press Ctrl + C.

Hint: The command line switch --browser or -b can not work if the server is started in a Docker container. Because the server is isolated inside the container, it has no way of starting your default web browser.

Using a Configuration File


Using Persistence


Public Service with Reverse Proxy